To ensure employee safety and workplace wellness, has built a COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool. Offered at no extra cost through our corporate wellness programs, your employees can take their daily assessment to know if they can return to the workplace safely or must stay at home, to limit their exposure and spread of the coronavirus. The employers can assess the reports and strategize an effective, yet safe back-to-workplace plan.

Learn more Schedule a Demo is a one-stop destination to meet all your corporate wellness needs. Our end-to-end solutions boost employee engagement, and endure their wellness journey.

Wellness Platform
Along with scientifically-proven challenges and activities offering health benefits and holistic wellness, rewards, easily accessible program guide, customizable events, online resources, and personalized notifications, our wellness platform has more to offer for your employee wellbeing and workplace health.

Drives Engagement

Employee engagement strategies to motivate and support your employees through the wellness program. The user-targeted challenges are fun and effective, focusing on various holistic wellness aspects and social dynamics, to meet specific health needs.

Communication Hub

Our platform offers pre-designed visually appealing blueprints and tools to help you customize the notifications, emails, or announcements, effortlessly. Create, brand, and convey information about the wellness program to your employees, in just a few minutes.

Health Risk Assessment

Our simple, yet broad HRA questionnaire covers various wellness dimensions, giving insights into the employee's health condition, lifestyle habits, potential risk levels, and other data to analyze various wellness dimensions, for easy customization of fitting wellness challenges.

Biometric Screening

Along with the HRA, the onsite and offsite biometric screening handled with our collaborated screening vendors will help you integrate extensive data about your employee's health state to generate a thorough report for customizing actionable goals.

Device and App Integration

Our wellness platform is compatible with leading fitness devices and health apps like Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, etc., to allow your employees to integrate their nutrition and activity data for easier participation, data entry, rewards, and to stay tagged with their progress on the run.

Health Coaching

Our wellness program offers a health coaching module for the health coaches to review specific user logs and data, set appointments, record meeting notes, allow one-on-one communication, and guide to manage health risks.

Tracker and Challenges

Our wellness challenges are a fun way to achieve holistic wellness. The built-in tracking tools allow employees to sign-up, log and track challenge progress, nutrition details, eating habits, distance traveled, activity steps, health conditions, real-time ranking on the leaderboard, and overall performance.

Insightful Precise Reports

The reporting dashboard gives a broad insight into the user and program-specific data, a summary of user enrollment, engagement, progress, and other user & program-specific outcomes of the wellness program. These reports can be used to make smarter and fitting decisions for employee wellness.

Rewards and Incentives

Our cutting-edge rewards engine created based on the social dynamics and behavioral ergonomics of employees allows customizing reward campaigns to offer incentives like e-gift cards or merchandise offers, track the earned & redeemed points, and generate a comprehensive report of the same.
Wellness Challenges
Explore our wellness challenge library that will help you in building healthy habits.

Fitness Challenges


Virtual Journey Challenges


Nutrition Challenges


Lifestyle challenges


Weight Loss challenges


Wellness Challenges

Why Offer Corporate Wellness Programs?

The right corporate wellness programs are sketched with the employee engagement strategies to help your workforce stay healthy, happy, and achieve holistic wellness.

  • Establish a healthy culture of work
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Boost employee morale
  • Improve organizational productivity
  • Promote overall wellness of the body, mind, and soul.
Why Choose
Being one of the renowned platforms in the corporate wellness market, offers a personalized user-friendly portal and efficient tools for employers and employees.
  • Customizable and Scalable Platform
  • Flexible Administrative Control
  • Insights and Data-Driven Outcomes
  • Dedicated Program Support
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
Our Wellness Program Plans
Choose the best-fitting wellness plan
To help you make an appropriate decision for your corporate wellbeing, we offer 3 wellness plans - A Free Wellness Program, a Full-Service Wellness Program, and a customized Enterprise Portal. Choose the one that best suits your company's wellness requirements.

Free Wellness Program

The Free Wellness Program offers HRA, basic wellness challenges, and their associated reports, along with an insight into how the wellness program and platform work. It can be launched in just a few days, and creates awareness about the necessity of having employee wellness programs.

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Full-Service Wellness Program

Coming at an affordable price, the Full-Service Wellness Program is an advanced version of the Free Wellness program. It allows personalization of your corporate wellness initiatives with more employee engagement strategies, wellness challenges, and solutions to target defined wellness needs.

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Enterprise Portal

The Enterprise Portal plan allows customization of all the services offered in the Full-Service Wellness Program to meet the specific wellness needs of your workforce. Tailor-made from scratch, the Enterprise Portal can be designed and configured such that you can authorize, scrutinize, and track the entire corporate wellness program.

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